You’ll Get Barakah

I’m sure that born Muslims hear this phrase, but I know that converts often get beat over the head with it: “You’ll get more barakah for it.” This past Ramadan, I heard it many times. You’re working 60+ hours a week while fasting and still have to be around your non-Muslim family? You’ll get barakah … More You’ll Get Barakah

Samurais and Hijabs

Today at work, a man walked up and tossed a card over the front of my desk and said, “The United States was founded on Freedom of Religion, not Christianity.” It was a drive-by tossing and I had no time to think of a response, which perhaps is a good thing because I still don’t … More Samurais and Hijabs

The Su-Shi Muslim

I attended a lecture the other day in which the presenter showed a diagram of a piece of sushi, and claimed that this is the “commonly known Su-Shi Muslim concept”. He went on to analyze the piece of sushi, saying that the inner core is (a specific sector of) Islam, the middle rice is the … More The Su-Shi Muslim