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4 thoughts on “About

    1. It’s not a problem at all. If I am able to share what I have learned, I am happy. If you ever have questions, I’d be more than willing to answer or find the answer (even if it’s just for personal curiosity on a common topic).

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      1. Awesome. That’s what I’m looking for, since I don’t personally know any muslims. There are a lot of christians who believe different things about the bible, and I’m sure muslims believe different things about the quran. If you ever blog about the different types of muslim beliefs, please send it to me ❤


      2. Of course! Check out my latest post, it touches on it a little bit. There are a broad spectrum of beliefs among Muslims, and even a similar concept to the Catholic/Protestant sectioning. I’m someone who loves to highlight similarities between groups that people see as inherently opposed, so a lot of my posts will consist of comparing instead of contrasting.


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