It’s OUR time.

It’s Holocaust Memorial Day. Millions of Poles (including my family), Jews, LGBTQ, scientists, black, and disabled humans were slaughtered. Murdered by fascist wrecks of humanity.

If you ever read the Diary of Anne Frank and said “I would have stopped it”, this is your time. Need help deciding what to do? Call your representatives, demonstrate, help those that made it here. Donate. There are many options, and it is OUR time.

Did you watch with interest as the Bosnian people were massacred under the careful watch of the United Nations, and wonder why everyone was sitting on their hands while women were being raped, children slaughtered, and bodies mutilated? Were you saying “I can’t believe this happened in my time”?

It’s still happening, this isn’t in the history books yet. This is our time. It’s in Burma, Darfur, and Syria, among other places. It’s our time to raise our voices, join together, and take direct action to not only assist those being massacred now, but to take steps to prevent it from happening in the future.

Did you know that a stop was just suggested to be placed on refugees from some very specific countries (like Sudan and Syria)? It’s expected to be signed today.

Do you know that our country is about to sign the death sentence for so many people. Next time you say #NeverAgain, think about what more we could have done to save lives in our time.

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