He didn’t even insinuate it, he directly stated that Muslim women can’t speak for themselves. He said that we have no voice, and aren’t permitted to.

Sure, some cultures have forgotten the historically strong voices of Muslim women (are we forgetting the female politicians in Muslims countries, founders of universities, etc…?), but Muslim women worldwide are less than silent.

This is a political post, with no endorsements. This is me, standing up to false accusations and raising my voice against bigotry.

Here’s my life, but check out #CanYouHearUsNow on other social media to see hundreds and thousands of other women showing you theirs.

Leading chants at a soccer match.
Urban exploring.
Leadership calling out voices.
Right before our soccer match.
#BlackFriday in Detroit, a rally for Black Lives Matter.


What do you think I do all day? I don’t even know how to cook.

Feel free to share YOUR voice in the comments.


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