Reverts and Ramadan

Assalaamu alaikum!

“So, can we? Can this be the Ramadan that no converts are left to break their fasts alone, and pray in their rooms? Please.”

This plea is from an article I just read on Muslim Girl.

I’ll keep this post brief, because I will address this issue again closer to Ramadan.

My first Ramadan was great. Fantastic. I really felt the love when a family basically adopted me and took me to iftar with them nearly every day, wherever they were eating.

Last year was my fourth Ramadan, and I had a grand total of…one…dinner invitation. Sure, the masjid has dinners that you can pay for, and other potluck dinners that have open invitations. I had one personal invitation.

Don’t get me wrong, I could invite people over too. Except for the fact that I was living with my not-Muslim-friendly family. It’s hard enough for them to purposely ignore the fact that I’m fasting, much less let me host an iftar there.

Do you know how many nights I’ve sat down to have a spaghettios iftar?  Even worse, spaghettio SUHOOR.

What am I trying to say here?

Invite a convert to iftar, even if it’s just once.

We’re lonely, ostracized from our family and friends during this time when we can’t eat with them. It’s often a strange, new habit that we’re trying to form. For those of us who live alone (or are the only Muslim in the household), it gets exhausting working to pay the bills while fasting, then coming home to cook and eat…alone…again…and then wash the dishes.

There are enough Muslim families that if every family invited ONE convert to iftar, no converts would be eating alone. Imagine all those iftar parties with leftover food. There is someone, somewhere needing the support and comfort of sharing that food with you.

Keep that in mind as you’re preparing yourselves this year. We’re still here.


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