Dear scrawny Arab guys at the gym…

Dear scrawny Arab guys intentionally working out near me at the gym,

Yes, I see you. And when you ask your friends “do you think she understands?” the answer is: yes.

I also think you should know just because I have a scarf on my head and Arabic writing on my shirt, it doesn’t make YOU attractive to me. In fact, you’re kind of creepy. And wimpy.

This is my third time at the gym after over a six month break from any working out whatsoever. What I see you doing is the same weight, less reps, and less sets than me. Does that make you feel confident?

I hate to be sexist, but I would feel embarrassed and emasculated, not like I’m showing off to this woman next to me. Think that one through, because you’ve got a lot to work on (both in the gym and your pickup game).

Love, the girl in the scarf who could kick your arrogant behind.


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