Paris and Beirut

11/12/2015. ISIS attacks kill 60+ in Beirut, Lebanon. News media is in a frenzy, social media hashtags are trending to show that “We Are Beirut”. An outpouring of anger over these deaths is ringing out, and Muslims across the Western world are on their knees begging for forgiveness and not to be held responsible for … More Paris and Beirut

The Su-Shi Muslim

I attended a lecture the other day in which the presenter showed a diagram of a piece of sushi, and claimed that this is the “commonly known Su-Shi Muslim concept”. He went on to analyze the piece of sushi, saying that the inner core is (a specific sector of) Islam, the middle rice is the … More The Su-Shi Muslim

What’s in a name?

Assalaamu alaikum everyone! I’m starting this blog in order to provide everyone a small corner of the internet in which to listen, learn, and understand the life of an American Muslim through my personal experiences, thoughts, and perceptions. I don’t want to bore anyone with a long introductory post, so the main idea I want … More What’s in a name?