That’s not hijab…

You’ve probably heard it said a billion times. That line that comes mostly from the 15-30 year old brothers, who definitely know exactly how female Muslims should be dressed. That’s not hijab. This post is written to those brothers. Did you know that Islam requires men to dress modestly and lower their gaze? Do you … More That’s not hijab…


Trump. He didn’t even insinuate it, he directly stated that Muslim women can’t speak for themselves. He said that we have no voice, and aren’t permitted to. Sure, some cultures have forgotten the historically strong voices of Muslim women (are we forgetting the female politicians in Muslims countries, founders of universities, etc…?), but Muslim women … More #CanYouHearUsNow?

You’ll Get Barakah

I’m sure that born Muslims hear this phrase, but I know that converts often get beat over the head with it: “You’ll get more barakah for it.” This past Ramadan, I heard it many times. You’re working 60+ hours a week while fasting and still have to be around your non-Muslim family? You’ll get barakah … More You’ll Get Barakah

Reverts and Ramadan

Assalaamu alaikum! “So, can we? Can this be the Ramadan that no converts are left to break their fasts alone, and pray in their rooms? Please.” This plea is from an article I just read onΒ Muslim Girl. I’ll keep this post brief, because I will address this issue again closer to Ramadan. My first Ramadan … More Reverts and Ramadan

Incredible Eggs

Assalaamu alaikum everyone! When someone converts to Islam, we get a litany of lists (yes, a list of lists) of the things that we USED to do which are now haraam. There are some aunties who will write it out in gold-plated calligraphy and force you to hang it on your refrigerator (well, not really). … More Incredible Eggs