Limits of Knowledge

I love hearing my brothers and sisters in Islam be enthusiastic about Islam. Islam is wonderful, that’s why I chose it. Let’s be careful now, though, about speaking. Each and every one of us has a limit to our knowledge. I could never even dream of being a legitimate scholar, nor do I expect all… More Limits of Knowledge

Be the person…

Originally posted on Chelsea A. Lonsdale:
This semester taught me that taking time to practice gratitude and celebrate small victories is an incredibly effective coping skill. However, this semester has also been full of tragedy, on both personal, local, and national terms. My dad began hospice care. There were several mass shootings on college campuses, including an…

Do We Ever Learn?

December 7, 1941. Japan attacks the United States at Pearl Harbor, triggering a massive response. This picture came to me unsourced in an email. The United States joined WWII, and by Spring of 1942, over 127,000 Japanese-Americans were placed in internment camps and being collectively labeled as “the enemy”. To compound this regretful act, the… More Do We Ever Learn?

Samurais and Hijabs

Today at work, a man walked up and tossed a card over the front of my desk and said, “The United States was founded on Freedom of Religion, not Christianity.” It was a drive-by tossing and I had no time to think of a response, which perhaps is a good thing because I still don’t… More Samurais and Hijabs